My Approach

My System of Change

My methodology involves five core stages of psychological growth. And for each stage, there are five main elements of your psychology we build – insight, emotions, behaviour, mind, and interpersonal skills. Together the stages and elements define my principles of success and happiness:

  • Connect – Improving relationships, collaboration, partnerships, teamwork

  • Repair – healing and resolving (through insights, emotional and mental skills, behaviour change and interpersonal skills)

  • Evolve – finding deeper meaning and purpose

  • Grow – maturing, developing personality, wellness

  • Focus – mental strength training, decision making and discipline

I tailor my approach and content for every individual client or team client based on these principles.  Some people need more work in some areas and less in others at any given time in their development.  As a person develops at each stage, their business grows, and their happiness improves. First, emotional and psychological wounds need to be healed, then greater responsibility can be taken.

Once this happens you can strengthen your mind and make better connections.  And its not until these occur that a proper investigation of deeper issues can take place.  These five elements are woven within all the services and packages we offer.


Connect is all about learning emotional and interpersonal skills, building stronger and more successful relationships, and getting your needs met. In business, its networks and collaboration that create high performance. A key to this is authenticity – the ability connect with customers, colleagues, and business partners in authentic ways. This builds respect and trust, which are crucial ingredients to awesome collaborations. Some people seem naturally gifted in this area, most of us have room for improvement.


Your mind determines whether you are moving forward or backward. If it feels like you are going backward, before you can grow, you might need some repair. Repair involves redefining problems, healing and resolution, which includes emotional processing, getting things in perspective, and learning from what has happened. Failed relationships, businesses, partnerships that end badly, all need to be processed well, and learnt from, so that mistakes are not repeated.


Evolve module involves lifelong learning. It includes finding a strong purpose and meaning behind what you do with your life, which generates passion and commitment to doing what it takes to create success. The Evolve module asks the big existential questions such as Why am I here? and What is it all for? This module is also about looking beyond you now to the legacy you might leave, and to your beliefs about spirituality and a higher power.


The grow principle highlights personality growth, health and wellbeing, ego maturity and taking greater responsibility. Its about helping individuals and teams develop psychologically to be able to reach their potential. It includes taming ego’s, increasing accountability, and getting people to consider their impact on others. So the grow stage is all about removing and replacing self-sabotage.  There are ways of shifting the way you see yourself, in order for you to grow and for your business to flourish.


The focus component is all about psychological capability. Intelligence is not enough to succeed. You need to learn skills such as determination, persistence, decision making, resilience and adaptability. We have a method of teaching these skills to help you achieve. People with psychological strength use the full capacity of their minds to create a healthy and successful life and to reach their potential. They are self aware, perceptive, internally driven, have a positive attitude and lots of energy. They get things done successfully.

"The Psychologist workshop was amazing. I found the interactive nature of the talk very helpful."
James Francis
Healthcare Proferssional

The Results You Get

In essence, these steps change your whole life’s operating system, as your mind turns into a more goal-directed, efficient and effective driver of achievement and happiness. The key outcomes of this process are:

  1. Improved self awareness (the personality develops and the ego strengthens)

  2. Increased commitment to and responsibility for reaching goals

  3. Ability to more effectively manage emotions and behaviour

  4. Improved interpersonal skills

  5. Improved resilience

  6. Improved adaptability

  7. Improved problem solving ability and decision making quality

My change process will take you from a frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and worn out business owner or executive, to someone who is truly reaching their potential and loving every minute of it. My methodology helps you become more aware of the 90 percent of your mind that runs your life, and my programs show you how to use this new awareness to reach your goals with a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

I love coaching people to help them make the most of their skills and talents. To me its about opening doors in the mind that have been closed for too long, and as this happens insights flow and change is made – once the mind has been stretched by a new idea it never goes back to its original shape.

This methodology has helped many people at various stages of their career (and life) find the strength and solutions they need to get out of the rut they are in and redirect themselves. This process helps you build a solid psychological foundation from which to grow your business or career. The seven steps are a repeating cycle of change. For every major change you repeat the steps to ensure the decision and actions are right for you.

I leave people feeling equipped and empowered enough to create the business and life they truly desire, they have a clear direction and plenty of options to consider and can now make conscious deliberate decisions that lead to success, happiness and fulfilment.

There are several ways you can find out more about my system. Take a look at the blog page on this website for articles, and which is our online personal development program based on this system of change. Take the quiz on the home page of this website, and I will send you a basic report that highlights your psychological strengths and areas for development. For an extra fee I can also consult with you to give you my interpretation of your results, and suggest what needs to change and how you can develop.

Want a session with me?

If you are ready for change, I would love to work with you.

The average number of sessions a client has is 6-12. Even though clients often get immediate results, it’s important to turn these into new habits, and this takes a few sessions. That is when real change occurs. I typically see people weekly or fortnightly at first, then after about a month or so I shift to monthly sessions.

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