Individual Therapy

Do you need help with personal issues? Problems with your in-laws? or your boss? or your partner?

I help people whose self-sabotage keeps them from reaching their potential, and whose personal and/or work relationships need improving.

My focus is on helping you be your best. This is the goal of positive psychology. I help you understand what bad habits you carry around and why. Together we improve these habits and this improves your decision making, productivity and happiness.

We take a look at what is happening in your life now, what you want in the future, and if we need to unravel the past we do. I structure our conversations with your goals in mind, and our session topics are flexible according to what is a priority for you on the day.

There are a lot of people who seem to have it all, who achieve a lot, look confident and successful, yet they are not happy or satisfied with their life.   Self sabotage can come in the form of perfectionism, addiction, procrastination, chronic pleasing, anger issues, and so on. These habits do not need to last a lifetime. Change and improvement is possible. As you improve your psychological strength your whole life improves.

Counselling or Psychotherapy? – you choose

Counselling focuses on specific issues that require a decision and/or resolution, whereas psychotherapy goes deeper into personal change, looking at how the past may affect the present and how to change relationship patterns and powerful habits. I offer both counselling and psychotherapy, for short term solutions and also longer term issues, for well-functioning people who just need assistance with some aspects of their lives. Hundreds of reputable studies have found that psychotherapy is an effective way to help people make positive changes in their lives.

Through building a trusting relationship, therapy can provide feedback and strategies to help you deal more effectively with the issues in your life. Psychotherapy helps to essentially re-program the mind to be more effective in life. I support and challenge you to think differently, to change your perspective about something, which then creates behavioural change and helps you make healthy and positive decisions and reach your goals.

Depression and anxiety are the two most common presenting issues to a Psychologist. Both rank in the top 10 chronic health problems worldwide according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Research demonstrates that psychotherapy is effective in treating depression and anxiety, and it carries far less risk of side effects than medication and a lower risk of relapse (

I practice a form of integral psychotherapy, which combines the best aspects of a number of theories and techniques. This is tailored according to the particular needs of the client at specific times of their lives, and at specific points of the therapy process. This form of psychotherapy has a strong underlying philosophy. Its focus is on human growth, wellness and actualization, rather than merely concerning illness, symptoms and healing. See the ‘About’ page for more detail.

My therapy has structure, but is also flexible to your needs and priorities. There are no set number of sessions, and each session does not have to cover a particular topic or issue. I have a policy of seeing a maximum of six people per day to make sure I have the right energy for all.

Integral psychotherapy can be applied to a wide range of presenting issues, given its adaptability, and has the potential to dramatically improve your life. Therapy can help you improve your self esteem, help you learn better people skills, and help create goals, direction and meaning in life.

How to Make an Appointment

Just contact me either by email or phone using the details at the bottom of this page. You do not need a referral to make an appointment, however if you wish to claim psychology services through Medicare you will need a GP referral. Please see below for more information.

Office Hours are generally 10am until 6pm weekdays. A limited number of weekend appointments are available.

I offer in-person, phone and Telehealth (online) services. My business address is: Level 2, Suite 210 / 370 St Kilda Road Melbourne Vic. Australia 3004. The office is located opposite the Shrine of Remembrance. The closest tram stop is Domain Interchange. It is on the second floor of the Domain Corporate Building.

I have a maximum of six clients per day, to ensure that I have enough energy for everyone, regardless of the time of our session.

Fees & Pricing

Fees are $280 per 55 minute consultation (currently the recommended fee set by the Australian Psychological Society is $300 for a 55-60 minute session).

There are several types of rebates available for psychology services. When considering a rebate, you must choose one option only. It is not possible to claim twice for the same session. Many people use up rebates from one of these options then the other afterwards.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates $93.45 per session for up to ten sessions per calendar year to those with a mental health plan referral from a GP. Once you have reached the Medicare Threshold (spending around $2000 for all medical expenses in one year) the rebate is then 85% of the bill. So your out of pocket expense becomes less as you reach this threshold. To obtain a mental health referral you will need to be diagnosed by your GP with a condition that qualifies for the referral. This includes anxiety and depression.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Most of the major providers offer a rebate for psychology services in their extras packages. Providers rebates vary from $40 per session to 80% of the fee. Please contact your provider for the exact rebate offered. You do not need a referral to claim for private health insurance.

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