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Let me help coach you through adversity, improve your psychological habits and help you reach your potential. As an ex-staff Psychologist for Alfred Health, and current facilitator for several hospital doctors training programs, I have many years experience working with doctors on their personal and professional development.  Here is a sample of what we can focus on;

Exam and Interview Preparation

Interviews require you to sell yourself well. Exams require the right preparation, confidence and focus on the day. I can help you reduce your anxiety, improve your study skills, and help you answer those tricky behavioural questions to get you through to the program of your choice.

Debriefing, coaching, counselling

I can help you cope with the demands of your job, with specific critical incidents, balancing work and personal commitments, and planning for the future. Assisting you to become a great leader and help negotiating the ‘politics’ of healthcare.

Career Counselling

If you are not sure which path to take, it may help to brainstorm the options and all of the different factors involved in making the best career decision for you.

Group Workshops

I can facilitate workshops in your workplace on topics related to teamwork, leadership, exam preparation, mentoring and Emotional Intelligence.

I can facilitate a workshop for the S.E.T. Preparation Program on Behavioural Interview Techniques and Managing Anxiety. The workshop runs for 45 minutes, followed by a chat with successful candidates from previous years. If you would like this presented at your hospital please contact me here.

Fees & Pricing

One-on-one coaching services cost $280 AUS per one-hour session. Group workshops via Telehealth or in-person are also available.

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