Your Psychology drives your life - so why not improve it?

(Learning Psychological skills is your chance to realise your potential)
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I specialise in blending personal and professional development for people who want to make the most out of life. I help you remove your self-sabotage and improve your psychological skills, thereby transforming how your mind is programmed, enhancing your chances of success and satisfaction.

See below for a more specific explanation of some of the services I offer. I also often share actionable tips on my blog, head here to take a look.

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About Peter Charleston

I am a Psychologist who helps individuals, couples and teams to remove their self sabotage and improve their psychological skill set to reach their personal and professional goals. I use evidence based methods with more than a hint of creativity included. I am passionate about the intersection between personal development and achievement. I have qualifications in business and psychology, over twenty five years full-time practitioner experience, and expertise in several fields of Psychology that I integrate in my work.

Most people dont realise how they are getting in their own way. They attempt to find happiness by improving their external circumstances. True happiness comes from working on yourself from the inside out and becoming the person you are capable of being. Then you build self worth and take full responsibility for your life, improving your habits and effectiveness. The more you commit to your psychological development, the more likely you are to succeed and be happy. You just need guide to help you get there.

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Services I Offer

Online Personal and Professional Development

The Thrive Learning Program is a series of personal and professional development courses that help you reach your potential. These courses give you a wealth of practical skills and strategies you can implement straight away. The high quality content has been developed over the last 30 years from Peter's speaking engagements, therapy and coaching experience, and the vest amount of resources gathered and overall rich life experience.

Personal development Courses include: self awareness, building mental strength, improving behavioural habits, improving emotional strength, dating skills, relationship skills.
Professional development programs involve a blend of training and coaching. They are tailored to your particular work teams and include topics such as interpersonal skills in the workplace, leadership, building engaging teams, improving delegation, coaching staff, dealing with performance challenges, workplace wellbeing, and maximising performance.

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"I have had many people feedback to me how appropriate, beneficial, and timely the talk was... your support has been greatly appreciated."
Manager, State government department

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