Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your People

Around a decade ago, some research was conducted on what creates excellence in the workplace. The findings are below, and all but one (pay and conditions) involve non-material aspects of a workplace. Most business people are good at the technical and material aspects of their business, but not at the invisible, hard-to-measure nonmaterial aspects.  Just because you can't measure it well, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that it's unimportant.

All of these factors involve the psychology of the workplace.  If you are a manager of people you know that it’s the psychology of the individual, the team, and of the organization, that deeply affects everyone on a daily basis. 

Best Workplaces in Australia

The 15 Key Drivers for Excellence

  1. Quality of Working Relationships
  2. Workplace Leadership
  3. Having a Say
  4. Clear Values
  5. Being Safe
  6. The Built Environment
  7. Recruitment
  8. Pay and Conditions
  9. Getting Feedback
  10. Autonomy and Uniqueness
  11. Sense of ownership and Identity
  12. Learning
  13. Passion
  14. Having Fun
  15. Community Connections

Ref: Simply the Best Workplaces in Australia, 2003, Dr Daryll Hull & Vivienne Read, 

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