An Abandoned Trolley is a Business Opportunity

How good are you at seeing business opportunities?

I was walking out of my office building the other day, heading to buy some lunch, when I past a trolley that had been dumped at the side of a road. This was at the back of my building where trucks often park to deliver goods. The trolley had one wheel missing, and looked like it had been discarded by one of the truck drivers. I stopped for a few seconds, then walked on. As I was buying my lunch, I thought about how easy it might be to buy a new wheel, how I needed a trolley like that, how buying the wheel would be cheaper than buying another trolley, and how picking up this trolley fitted with my strong values of reusing and recycling things that are useful. The opportunity cost seemed low. So I picked up the trolley and took it to work. For a few seconds I considered how strange this may look to others, but I dismissed this thought quickly with the stronger thought that I was creating an opportunity. For me, being innovative trumps worrying about what others think. I bought a new wheel the next weekend, and now have a handy trolley to use. I guess maybe one hundred people or more would have passed this trolley before I picked it up. Why didn’t they pick it up? There are plenty of business opportunities in every industry. You just need a mind open enough to see the possibilities. Consider how builders and architects see opportunities when they inspect an un-renovated building or a clear site, envisioning what could be created. Product developers can create something starting with an idea, so can engineers, authors, and a whole range of other people. In your business, when you meet with a new business lead, and they talk about their problems and needs, think about the trolley. Do you see how you can help? Your creative thinking searches for solutions. You could be creating a fantastic new product or solution for both of you right in front of their eyes. The ability to see and create opportunities improves when you have a strong psychology. Psychology skills include a creative and critical thinking mind, free of anxiety and fear. You can learn to become better at this.

There are 5 types of psychological skills that determine business success and happiness:

Insight and self awareness skills

Behavioural skills

Emotional skills

Mental skills

Interpersonal skills

This forms my coaching method. I help you improve in these five areas. The result is a strong psychology able to create amazing and transformative solutions for your clients, and you earning a living from what you love. You can find out more about my methodology and coaching services on my website  Make sure you take the short test on the home page to determine your psychological strength.

If you would like learn more, do make sure to check out my Thrive Learning Program course which can help to improve your quality of life.

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