Should You Date a Work Colleague?

The gossip machine at many workplaces can be fast and fierce. 

Some advisers believe in ‘no dating’ policies for employees. Others suggest that employees focus on what appropriate behaviour is in the workplace.  This is contained in a staff Code of Conduct. 

You want people to get their work done first and foremost, but having a social outlet at work is also good for morale and staff retention. 

Conflicts of interests need to be eliminated – that is , if person A is dating person B, and person A is higher up the hierarchy than person B, if person B gets a promotion then it should not be because of person As influence and power. 

It is very difficult to stop people having relationships in the workplace, including when there is a power imbalance. 

How do you protect junior employees?

Should employees disclose their workplace relationships? Or do they have a right to privacy? What if its an affair? Or a hook up? Or friends with benefits? These are virtually impossible to regulate. 

It’s sometimes best to tell your manager who you are dating if its someone at work, as hearing it from you is better than hearing it on the grapevine. 

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